Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beautiful sunshine

While out on a sunny winter's day with our horses, we found pussy willows! Now we're anxiously waiting for winter to end, but still enjoying the snow and warm weather like +14C! Even Sara's doing well, getting out a lot, and keeping up to her sister Hailey! Sara's med levels are doing much better, and she's also down to 11 meds! Now it's getting easier to cover the cost of her meds and thankfully as she improves she'll be on less & less medications. Now that we're out of the hospital it seems like there's more costs, like trips to the city, and parking, and meds. So we're glad Joel's back to work, and hope that his job brings him closer to home! Please pray that Sara will stay healthy, continue to grow and that her weight will come up! She also needs to be drinking more to keep up with fluids.

Here's an interview the Joel did in January on the Radio! Listen to the Radio INTERVIEW on CISN! It was great to be part of a fundraiser that raised 1.25 million for the Stollery Children's Hospital! Thank you!

Thankfully, because of the Stollery Children's hospital and the Ronald McDonald House, our stay there is a memory, and not todays reality. They made us comfortable in a very uncomfortable time. By supporting them you're supporting families like ours, and others like ours.

Please continue to pray for our friends in & out of the hospital - Joel, Muskaan, Rylan, Makenna, Grayson, Caleb, Alexis, Precious, Hope, Austin, Harrison, Sheldon, Kaiya, Cohen, Kolby, Hannah, Hilda, Melissa, Connor, and Colton. Also the families of Isabelle, Jack, Drayton and Addison who are grieving their precious little ones. May God keep you in His care.

Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation

Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta

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Mom / Grandma said...

So nice to you see you enjoying the your nice weather & riding your horse which one is it, Annie or Gabe?? We join you in continued prayer for these families & children :)