Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another good day

Today was more of the same, lots of walking, and playing at the beach. Sara also had an echo done, which they'll do weekly now. She's eating a little better, but we still need that to improve before she can get the feeding tube out. Hailey had fun today playing at the beach & painting, also bingo at the Ronald McDonald House. It's really nice to be together here, we are so blessed by both our girls everyday!

You might have to be there... but I'll share it anyway...
Sara was telling the nurse today that "my Mommy calls me a cutiepie, and my Daddy calls me a chicklet", with a little chuckle, "And Hailey, she's a turkey". She also told then nurse that "My Daddy says I can have this tube out now," (pointing to her feeding tube). And when I commented that I liked her singing, (Twinkle, twinkle), she replied "I'm not singing, it's Abby", (her doll), just a while after that I heard her tell her doll, "good singing Abby".