Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Daddy, they let me OUT!"

Sara's first words to Joel when she greeted him today after our drive from the hospital.

We are so happy to be out! And grateful for the amazing care we receive there at the Stollery. It was so nice to see many, many, friendly faces and meet new ones too! Sara's circle of friends were also in, so that was nice to see them! We got the nurses to deliver notes to their room, because we were isolated. Or as Sara would tell people "We're isowaited". We really hope that our friends who have been there for some time will be able to go home soon as well. We just keep praying that things will work out well for each family we meet.

 This is Sara before her Heart Cath biopsy, she did so well! We're so thankful for no rejection! Oh, and of course we brought one of her dolls along to keep her company. She just loves her "Cinderwella". (Thanks Joyce)
 Sara had many tests done to check out her heart - this is her during an Echo ultrasound watching a movie.
  Cuddles & a movie with Hailey :)

Yesterday Sara had trials being off oxygen, and was able to be off for 4 hours and then back on for nap or bed time. This is the monitor at 3:30am this morning. I saw her oxygen saturations were 100% (which is higher then they've been) , so we tried going off, and it was successful, even with her fast asleep! So she's off oxygen and doing great!

Staying at the hospital these last few day is a great reminder to be careful not to expose Sara to those who are sick. Although we can't avoid everything, her immune system will always be compromised and we have to be aware of that. After almost 8 months out of the hospital world it is surprising that we haven't had to stay sooner! We are so thankful to all who pray for Sara, we so appreciate you!