Thursday, August 23, 2012

Week One

Well we've been here a week, and there have been a few ups & downs. Today was a better day then yesterday. The worry was that she wasn't moving, or responding, but she was also on a lot of sedation meds. They took her off the meds, after 4 hours we started seeing reponses from her. She was waking up and turning her head and opening her eyes to look at us! She even squeezed my hand when I asked her too! We just love her so much, and miss having her running around. Today I got to wash her hair, it was full of crusty goop from the EEG Brain Scan. So now she's all cleaned up, and they'll also change her dressings on her chest. They are worried that she may have an infection starting, so she's on anti-biotics for that. We're praying that she doesn't have an infection, that the swelling all over her little body goes down, for her kidney & liver to improve. We're really glad that the bleeding has gone down. Lowering the amount the Levitronix (pump) hasn't been going well. So we're not sure what's next, but we're still on the transplant list, and we'll hear from the doctors if they want to make any changes like going on a pump that's more long-term such as a berlin heart.