Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 28th Appointment

Here is Sara after being sedated, and having her Echo (ultrasound on her heart) at Victoria General. She didn't settle down easily with the Chlorolhydrate it took her a while to rest & sleep for the Echo. Her O2 Sats are 92 here, and her heart rate is 118bpm, which is normal for her, and it also please the Dr. to see. She is on 3 drugs, 2 of which we will be weaning her off in August. She is doing really well, Dr. Sinclair was happy to see her growing and not much change in her heart function. We will be seeing him again in about 3 months, and it will be in Nanaimo! We're so glad to hold off surgery for the time being, any time out of the hospital is awesome! Thank you for continuing to pray, God is so good!

This was on our way home!