Wednesday, September 5, 2012

more progress

Sara was quite happy today, to be reading, colouring and watching movies. Today they sent off cultures to see if she has any infections, and are watching her temperature and white blood cells closely and they have been higher then normal. We had a very busy day with all the doctors coming in to see Sara. She is doing really well with the dressing changes each day, which is quite the procedure, and she does it without any pain meds! They're very impressed that she's handling it so well, and she was thrilled when she got to have a prize from the "treasure chest". We're praying that she can continue to eat foods on top of the feeds she gets in the feeding tube. Also that she will be able to keep it down, with the cough she has it's hard not to gag sometimes. Your prayers have helped us tremendously, and we're praising the Lord for his strength and peace through it all.