Saturday, November 24, 2012

Short surgery

So everything is still going well but Sara is coming back from the OR to clean the extra blood out of her chest cavity and to see if there is anything that needed to be done about the bleeding. It was only an hour long. They found the spot where she was bleeding and it was a quick and easy fix. She is doing so well and everything that has happened so far is pretty normal stuff. But we are praying for continued recovery and that she does well enough to talk to her soon.Thanks for all our friends who are standing with us on this journey.

A tremendous team

So after hours of diligent work, a team of very tired health care staff were finally able to leave the hospital. Sara is doing well and her oxygen saturation is at 100%, the highest it's ever been. As I wached them take care of the last details before they all went home to sleep, I felt like there should have been a standing ovation for the amazing job they did. Instead a few hugs, and many thank you's is their reward. Thank you so much for your care and commitment to Sara and others like her.

just saw Sara

Just talked with the surgeons, Sara's new heart has been pumping since 4:30 this morning. They're working on controlling the bleeding because of the blood thinners she was on. We're happy she's finally out of surgery, thanks so much for praying!