Friday, August 17, 2012

Maybe the transplant list?

Sara had a rough night. They struggled with controlling the bleeding, thankfully it has decreased. her kidneys aren't doing well, but she isn't in need of dialysis. She is on many medications and looking quite purple, but she looks better today then when we saw her last night. There is a blood clot on her right side (the closed off side), but it seems not to be bothering her left side, but the right side is still very large and compresses the left side so it's function isn't so good. Because she isn't coping well with the surgery, so she is on an external pump. Now they are talking about getting her on the transplant list, so they are testing her right now and we'll know more tomorrow. If she goes on the list, she will be the top priority. So that means a nation wide search for a heart. We know it comes with many issues of it's own, but because of how sick she is right now most of the doctors think it is the best option for Sara. Things still could change, so we'll update as we get chances to do so.
Thanks for your prayers and encouragement! Love the Congo's