Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Sara and I went to Victoria to meet Dr. Sinclair. She had an Echo on her heart and all good reports from the Doctor. We talked about getting her in for a Cardiac Cath sometime in the next 3 months. Her health and oxygen sats are good (83). She weighs 13lbs. 9oz. We were there for just a short time, from 12pm to 2:45pm, so I was able to get in a little shopping! :) Our next appointment will be in December and in Nanaimo, because Dr. Sinclair does clinics there. We're happy about that, it's only 2 hours away.
Joel & Hailey had a great day together. There's a camp in right now, and they gave the campers buggy rides.
Thanks for praying for us. It's great to hear good news. Thank you Lord!