Thursday, September 17, 2009

These pictures were taken yesterday. Sara was doing well, but today her oxygen levels dropped. The surgery she had done shunts a vein to drain blood into the lungs. As far as I know, that vein is now blocked, and the blood found/made another route into "new" vessels to the body instead. Sara is doing fine with oxygen right now, still her happy self. Today they did and echo, tomorrow the MRI or the just may go ahead with a Cardiac Cath in a couple days. (No date set, so I don't know when to say.) I'm happy to see they investigated the problem, and I'm hopefull for everything to go well. There are excellent surgeons here, and they're all doing a good job. I was wanting to get back to Salmon Arm and join up with Joel & Hailey, now that won't happen. I am really glad they found this now and not after being discharged. Joel & Hailey went to Salmon Arm on Monday. Joel's getting some work done this week and Hailey's having a great time with her cousins and Grandparents. <3
I was so happy to see friends today, Dan, Bonnie, Tim & Hannah Baskill were there at the Stollery. Hannah was having tests done, and although her diagnosis hasn't changed the Doctors looking after her there are hopefull about their situation. Praise the Lord! Another reminder to keep praying for Hannah, (she has Primary or possibly Secondary Pulmonary Hyper-tension) and their family. We are just so blessed to know them, they are a wonderful family. Love you guys!