Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Sara came home with the NG feeding tube because she wasn't eating enough, and on Thursday she pulled it out an decided to play with it-yuck! I wasn't worried because we were to see the Pediatrician in Campbell River on Friday. The Doctor decided to see how she does without the tube, and go from there. If she isn't gaining well, they'll put the NG back in. We'll go to the clinic here on Quadra to get her weighed each week. As far as how Sara looks the doctor is pleased, and we'll see him monthly. Today I made an appointment with the Cardiologist in Victoria. They'd like to see Sara on the 21st of October for an Echo on her heart.

We are doing well here at camp, Joel is enjoying working with the horses. Hailey, Sara and I are working on getting a routine going while trying organizing the house! We try to get out of the house because the weather's been fairly nice here, but it doesn't always happen! We're also looking forward to Thanksgiving here, although it will be a first without family! (Maybe I can still convince them to come!)