Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sara's 2nd Surgery on Sept. 2nd

Sara had a by-pass surgery called the Glenn. It allows blood to follow freely to the lungs, because the right side of the heart wasn't pumping it well enough. Her surgery it self went well, acomplishing what they needed to do. But after moving her to the PICU she took a dive and her heart was crashing. The doctors realize now that the left side of her heart isn't working well.

Today she is stablized, but no imporvements yet. We're waiting to see what she's going to do.
~If Sara improves they would wait to see how she does, and help her improve as much as possible. It always takes time for the organs to recover and start working properly again.
~If Sara goes into cardiac arrest she will be put on the heart & lung machine, and to the top of the transplant list.
~If Sara stays the same, stablized but not improving she will also go on the transplant list. The doctors are discussing whether or not we need to meet with the transport team today. After we meet with them they would be getting things underway for a transplant if it's needed.

It's no surprise to us because we knew from the start that a transplant may be the answer. It would mean a whole new set of problems to deal with. So we'll let you know what they decide, right now, like always it's the wait & see game!

We're so blessed to have hope in Jesus, and we're trusting God will work through all of it. We're hoping for the best for Sara, we don't like to see her struggle. Praying for her to be pain free, and praying for the doctors to have the wisdom to know what to do. We're so thankful that we're here, they have the best doctors and equipment for Sara. We're also greatful for all of the support & prayer from our friends & family.

Before & After Surgery