Thursday, July 11, 2013

Results are in

We now know that it is not rejection, Sara is sick from a virus. This is great news! This morning was brought on by blood work, then rounds to discuss what's next, and an echo ultrasound on her heart. Sara is still quite grumpy, but hopefully she'll be feeling better today, her cough is worse, but her fever is gone. Hopefully Sara will be able to come off oxygen, she's on a small amount, but still relying on it. Once Sara's off oxygen and eating & drinking well then we will be able to go home!
It's been great seeing the staff & friends here, it's nice to have such excellent care & company! Thanks for praying for us, we feel well supported! God is good!

Aparently there are a few kids being listed or already listed for heart transplants, and a limited supply of hearts available. So please pray these families.