Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sara doing well

We spent the night, and got a great sleep here at the Stollery. Sara has been feeling well, and eating & drinking well. The Cardiologists are not going to decide to do a surgery just yet, they want a chance to reassess her on Jan. 31st when we see Dr. Rutledge and have another Echo on her heart. We are being discharged this afternoon because she has been keeping her oxygen Sats above 80% on room air most of the night and all of today so far! (If this changes, and she is desatting again we'll stay another night.) But we are looking forward to being home, Sara will be so excited to be walking around again, and playing with Hailey. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers, we're so thankful for all your love and support.

We are also looking forward to seeing Hannah, her & her family are in for more tests on her heart tomorrow. Please keep praying for her, we are very concerned for her. We are very happy to be able to see her today!