Friday, December 14, 2012

And we're OUT!

Today Sara was discharged from the hospital! We have a weekend of relaxing & enjoying family time before appointments on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday! Those appointments are for blood work, transplant clinic, pre-admission clinic and Thursday will be a big day because Sara has her heart catherization & biopsy. We're having a great time being out for the first time as a family in 4 months! Thanks for keeping us in your prayers, we're praying that the heart cath & biopsy go as planned and that her pulmonary pressures won't be high. After that, hopefully we'll be able to go home and start getting ready for Christmas!

Please keep praying for these friends, some will be home for Christmas, some will have to stay in the hospital and sadly one family's baby passed away so it will be a really tough Christmas. Thank you Lord that you are with us through all of the joys & sorrows life brings and that life is fragile & time is precious. Pray that they will be filled with hope & the love of Jesus - Hope, Muskaan, Joell, Harrison, Precious, Isabel, Isabel F, Lukas, Austin, Grayson, Jace, Sheldon, Alexis, Hilda, Melissa, Morgan, Marwa, Safa, Makenna, and Cohen.