Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Darth Vader mask

Today started out early for Sara, with a x-ray at 4:45 am! The rest of the day was busy with removing the NG tube, putting in an NJ tube and placement adjustments & x-ray, echo, new dressings on her chest and for her central IV on her neck, and C-pap ventilator that takes up most of her face! But thankfully she likes the mask, and I'm sure it's easier for her to breathe with the help of forced air, hopefully her lung will open up now, as the left lung is still partially collapsed. She also missed her nap so that makes for an emotional day.
Tomoorrow they may pull out her central IV line, and maybe put a pic line in. Pray that she gets a good sleep and that she's not disturbed. She's been taking melatonan to help her get to sleep and it's been working great. Tomorrow we're going to make nap time a priority; she has so much more energy and is much more joyful when she does! We're really happy with how she's doing, she's still getting better everyday!

"May the force be with you"