Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Things were looking hopeful today to start weaning her off the pump. But when they got down to 25% on the pump, her oxygen saturations went way down (around 59%). Her oxygen was sitting around 93% all day, so when they turned the pump up to 100% to bring her oxygen up, her oxygen stayed quite low at 70%. They haven't figured out why exactly, but it may be because of the fluid she has been retaining around her lungs and chest cavity. Now the the hope is that the peritonal dialysis will help remove fluid. She's also been more awake, and crying, so managing the pain with morphine has been increased. Please pray for her and wisdom for the doctors.
We've been so blessed by meals, and visits from family and friends, and meeting new families from the PICU. We are encouraged so much by your prayers for Sara, thank you!