Thursday, January 17, 2013

a touch of the flu.

Sara's been sick all day, thankfully she's able to hold liquids down now. Please pray that she'll be over this soon, she needs to get better and hold down her fluids & meds, or it will be in to emerge for an IV.

Keep washing your hands! Hand Sanitizer works for bacterial infections, but does not stop viruses. Simply using soap will get rid of both! Also, if you have been sick, you're usually contagious for a week to 10 days after you feel well. This is one of the worst years for the flu, so help stop the spread! With so many flus & colds going around it's hard to keep clear!

Please continue to pray for our friends - Hope, Caleb, Joel, Harrison, Morgan, Marwa, Safa, Makenna, Sheldon, Alexis, Precious, Muskaan, Lukas, Isabelle, Grayson, Austin, Melissa, Hilda, Isabel F, Kaiya and Cohen. Also pray for the families of Drayton, Addison & Jack, three precious lives that have left us and will be forever cherished. God Bless you.