Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Today was a wonderful day! After being intubated for 12 days, Sara was extubated (she came off the ventilator), and is doing so well! Although she's not talking yet, she will be soon and we're thrilled to be able communicate with her again! She also came off some medication, and is on a little oxygen. Please pray that she gets rid of the pneumonia, and keeps coughing well. Her skin is so sensitive that tape often peels it off, so pray that it heals. She's doing great on the Berlin Heart. Today was a huge step to recovery, and we're so thankful, we're praising the Lord!

She loves her dollies, and to hold hands while we visit, she also loves watching movies with Hailey. She was looking at us a lot (with one eye because her eyes turn out), and it's so good to see her more awake! We love you Sara!

We are so grateful to all our visitors, it's so wonderful to visit with 
you and it means so much to us that you make the time to see us & Sara :)