Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sara's Surgery Postponed

Sara will get a new surgery date when she is well again. We just can't risk going ahead with it with a sick little girl. So we'll post the new date when the surgery is rescheduled. Please pray that she is well soon! Thanks again!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Joel's surgery today

Joel had his wrist partially fused back in 2005, since then he's had some pain in the movement at the joint. Aparently the pain in his wrist was the pin slowly cutting through his tendon to his thumb. He doesn't even know what time it wore through but he said it felt like his hand was cramping up, and then he noticed he couldn't move his thumb! That happened on Monday April 23rd.

So today they took the extra tendon from his pointer finger and attached it to his thumb. He'll be in a cast for a couple weeks, then have a brace and start physio to build up strength in his hand again.

Thanks for praying, so far he is recovering well!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sara's health

The surgery date is coming up on us fast. And to be ready for it, Sara has to be free from colds & flus. This has been so difficult for her this spring. Right now, she has a cough. Please pray that she will get over it, and be healthy again! 

Hailey is busy playing soccer 2 times a week on a Grade 1/2 team. 
She's having so much fun, Go Blue!

Joel's wrist surgery is tomorrow, we'll update about how that goes later this week.