Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sara's Heart Cath Surgery

Last month Sara had an MRI, and the results showed she had low blood flow to the lungs through her Glen. So to find out why they did a Cardiac Catherization. The Cath was about 2 hrs long, and they found the same result. There was still low blood flow to the lungs because there are colateral veins and almost no forward flow through the right ventricle in her heart to the lungs. They measured pressures and they were all normal praise the Lord! 
At one point when Sara was recovering she has a shivering/shaking attack, a warm blanket seemed to help, and then she fell asleep. While asleep she turned very very purple and mottled all over, and they checked everything and found he oxygen sats were not low, but her tempurature, blood pressure and Heart Rate was rising. So we put her back on Oxygen, gave her Tylenol & Advil, after about an hour everything they checked was lowering back to normal. So I asked the nurse when do you see a fever rise up and rise down within 2 hrs? She said never! Often there's things that happen after surgery that are unexplained, and every Dr. has a different opinion about what's going on. We're just glad she was able to nap and wake up her normal self! 
God is good! Sara is doing so well, having fun playing with Hailey. Hailey was an amazing support to Sara, holding her hand and cuddling, coloring with her in her bed, just being so sweet to her.
So we can pray now for their discussion time on Tuesday, they are having a conference about what to do next with Sara. Our Dr. will call on Tuesday and let us know what they come up with. The options are to (1) wait to do either of these options or (2) deccide to go ahead with: shunting another vein to drain into her lungs called Fontan, or (3) put her on the heart transplant list. Either way we know God is taking care of us, and we can face anything in his strength. God gives us peace, we praise him for that! Many thanks to friends & family, your prayers are greatly appreciated!

Psalm 29:11 "The Lord will give strength to His people; the Lord will bless his people with peace."