Friday, September 11, 2009

Today Sara was very irritated anytime she was awake. So they gave her morphine for pain, and she was herself for the first time since before the surgery! She was laughing and giggling for Hailey! It was so fun to see her so happy full of smiles. We had a great day there with her, and are looking forward to getting out as early as next week. Its very exciting news. As long as Sara eats well and gains weight there should be no reason to keep us! Cross your fingers! hehehe
Yesterday Sara went up to the floor! She's now in a semi-private room on the 4th floor. It's so good to see her up there and spend time with her. Today they're going to start bottling, hopefully she'll start eating well and gaining. Then she'll be able to go home hopefully! It's a big change from the PICU, and we're glad to see her doing well. The highlight of my day was holding her for the first time since before her surgery!