Saturday, August 25, 2012


Tomorrow morning Sara has surgery at 9am to put in a Berlin Heart, it is a pump that will give her more mobility while she waits for a heart transplant. Please pray for the surgeons, and for Sara, hopefully she won't bleed like she did with the Fontan. Also pray that she'll have a quick recovery, the surgeries have been hitting her hard. Please pray that she stays healthy through this all, without infection or complications. We're so glad for this next step, hopeful that it won't be too long before her heart transplant and waiting for God to work out those details. He is our peace!

We've met a few families that also have little ones here in the PICU and the NICU, so you can add them to your prayer list : Caleb, Jensen and Drayton. It's so great to connect with other families here, build relationships and pray for each other! God has Blessed us so much!

Picture from before Sara's surgery

Here are my girls, having fun in a tunnel at the park.