Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Exciting news for our Hospital buddies! Surgery & a heart transplant!

Today is a big day for surgeries, our friend Joel is having a surgery, as well as Muskaan!

Joel & Sara are like two peas in a pod, they are both silly, goofy, and completely loveable. We're praying for you today, and hope you're back to your normal self soon Joel! We're so thankful that we've been able to spend time with you guys, and hope that you'll be able to be home soon. Lots of love & hugs, God Bless you & your family Joel!

We are thrilled to see another family receive heart transplant, especially one that we've gotten to know! We have loved spending time with Muskaan & her family. Hailey & Sara were jumping up & down with excitement this morning when I told them Muskaan was having transplant surgery today!

We met Muskaan and her family a month short of a year ago. When Sara was in the hospital last year, so was Muskaan, and with or with out us there, the two of them would play & giggle together. It made it easier knowing that Sara had another "big sister" looking out for her and that Hailey had a friend.

We were saying goodbye to Muskaan on Sunday, as Sara was discharged. I told Muskaan, maybe next time I see you, you'll have a new heart! Sure enough, we'll be seeing her tomorrow after Sara's appointments! We also talked about how Sara had a transplant after staying in room 16, and then Austin, and now Muskaan!

Today is your day Muskaan, and we are praying, and praying for you! We hope that the surgery goes as planned, and that you'll  have a quick recovery! We thank the Lord for you & your family, God Bless you all!