Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blood Infection

Sara's IV pic line has an infection, so it was removed today. They found a common bacteria that's often found on the skin. I'm so glad they caught it quickly, and that it's not the flu or a cold, or something contagious. The Strep Bacteria was found on the line that when into her vein, and then in her blood. So she's on 2 antibiotics and looking and feeling better with no fever. She had a rough night and morning with all the test, swabs, x-ray, echo (ultrasound on her heart), many pokes, and a new IV put in her right hand. Because the IV is hooked up to give her meds, they'll have to keep drawing blood to see how she's doing. More pokes, OUCH!

Thank you so much for praying, Sara has been a little trouper through it all, and she'll hopefully be back to her goofy self soon!