Saturday, August 18, 2012

Waiting, and more waiting...

So after a long day of waiting, we are still waiting to see how Sara will do. She had another surgery this morning to clean out the blood clots and fluid from around the heart. A very simple procedure that went well. They are still trying to manage the bleeding but she seems to be doing better that way. We talked with the transplant team today and all the tests are done that they need to do before listing her. Our surgeon is calling them this evening to get her on the list, so we will find out if she's on the list tomorrow morning. This does not mean a transplant will for sure happen, it just means if a heart becomes available Sara has a shot at getting it. She is going back into surgery tomorrow morning to remove a blood clot from her right ventricle. That should make more room for the  left side to do it's job. There is still a chance for the fontan to work, but as we wait and see, at least she will be listed.
Here are a couple pictures before Sara went into surgery and after. Sorry if they are too graphic, but our intent is to document and update everyone on our journey. Thanks for all your prayers, we're so thankful for each one!