Thursday, November 26, 2009

Update on Sara & Please pray for Ella Engel

This November has been going by so fast! Sara has had a couple Dr. appointments because she had an ear infection & thrush. She is now doing well, and she's off the anti-biotic for the ear infection and soon to be off the anti-fungal for thrush. She's been slow to gain weight, but we're happy she hasn't lost weight. Sara's 14 pounds and she's been growing in length so much, 7cm in the last 6 weeks.
Next appointment will be with Dr. Russell, pediatrician in Campbell River for RSV and check up. Then immunization shots and H1N1 & Flu shots the day before we go to see Dr. Sinclair in Nanaimo. After The first 2 weeks of December slows down we'll be able to relax, and make plans to see family & friends for Christmas! Yay!
If you read this post today, please pray for Ella Engel, and her family. She's had a rough day after her surgery this week, and emergency surgery at BC children's hospital today. We love you Luke & Pam and we're praying for you.