Sunday, December 30, 2012

Glory to God!

This Christmas we had so much to celebrate! A healthy new heart for Sara, and an excellent recovery. We were so happy to be in our home, we had a relaxing time together. Sara has amazed us with all her energy, smiles & silliness! It's a joy to have Sara back to herself, in a new way. Just today a friend mentioned how Sara's new heart is so alike to what Jesus has done for each one of us. How Jesus sacrificed himself for us, and if we accept that, He gives us a new heart. He changes us to be more like Jesus. To have a heart to love God, love others and live life to the fullest! Let all the Praise & Glory be to our great God! May you be blessed in the New Year!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Sara's doing so well that we're going home for Christmas! Now we'll be back to Edmonton once a week for blood work & clinic. Thank you for your many prayers, we are so grateful!

Friday, December 14, 2012

And we're OUT!

Today Sara was discharged from the hospital! We have a weekend of relaxing & enjoying family time before appointments on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday! Those appointments are for blood work, transplant clinic, pre-admission clinic and Thursday will be a big day because Sara has her heart catherization & biopsy. We're having a great time being out for the first time as a family in 4 months! Thanks for keeping us in your prayers, we're praying that the heart cath & biopsy go as planned and that her pulmonary pressures won't be high. After that, hopefully we'll be able to go home and start getting ready for Christmas!

Please keep praying for these friends, some will be home for Christmas, some will have to stay in the hospital and sadly one family's baby passed away so it will be a really tough Christmas. Thank you Lord that you are with us through all of the joys & sorrows life brings and that life is fragile & time is precious. Pray that they will be filled with hope & the love of Jesus - Hope, Muskaan, Joell, Harrison, Precious, Isabel, Isabel F, Lukas, Austin, Grayson, Jace, Sheldon, Alexis, Hilda, Melissa, Morgan, Marwa, Safa, Makenna, and Cohen.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Grandma's here!

We had a special visitor this weekend! Our time with Grandma couldn't have been better! We had great fun with her, and we're so happy it worked out so well to come here from BC.

Sara is doing really well- she's off C-Pap and onto low flow Oxygen (at a 1/2L!), all lines are off except her Pic line, she doesn't have a feeding tube as long as she can keep up with the fluids & calories she needs, and she's moved from the PICU to 4C ward!

We are super happy with how Sara's doing! Thanks so much for praying for her. Now that we're going to be starting the discharge training this week it's hard not to be anxious to get out of here! But we know it will come soon enough!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Darth Vader mask

Today started out early for Sara, with a x-ray at 4:45 am! The rest of the day was busy with removing the NG tube, putting in an NJ tube and placement adjustments & x-ray, echo, new dressings on her chest and for her central IV on her neck, and C-pap ventilator that takes up most of her face! But thankfully she likes the mask, and I'm sure it's easier for her to breathe with the help of forced air, hopefully her lung will open up now, as the left lung is still partially collapsed. She also missed her nap so that makes for an emotional day.
Tomoorrow they may pull out her central IV line, and maybe put a pic line in. Pray that she gets a good sleep and that she's not disturbed. She's been taking melatonan to help her get to sleep and it's been working great. Tomorrow we're going to make nap time a priority; she has so much more energy and is much more joyful when she does! We're really happy with how she's doing, she's still getting better everyday!

"May the force be with you"

Sunday, December 2, 2012

high flow O2

Sara's making progress, back on feeds today and sleeping better. Her left lung is partially collapsed and she has fluid she needs to get rid of. She has a good cough so that helps clear her lungs. Hopefully she won't depend on the highflow oxygen to open up her lungs for too much longer. Her incisions are healing nicely, and she's not on pain meds unless she needs them. It's great to see her play dolls with Hailey and smile once in a while! She made some paper snowmen to decorate her room and she's been colouring too. Please pray that Sara can be weaned onto low flow oxygen soon. Thank you all.