Thursday, September 6, 2012

Standing UP!

Today Sara worked with Physio, and sat up and stood up! She is doing really well, we even got to go to the Beach (area with many play centers & activities)! We love that we get to move around, it's hard because we have to move the Ikus (machine that controls the Berlin Heart), the meds/IV tower and Sara in a stroller all at once! Tomorrow if it's sunny we may get to go outside for some fresh air! 

Sara's lungs have been doing fairly well now with no pneumonia, but she still has a bad cough. Please pray for Sara's cold to get better, her chest to heal from the incision and the tape burns. Also that she will improve and be more mobile, that her strength will come back so she can get around again. Hopefully she'll be able to eat again so they can take out the feeding tube. She keeps impressing us everyday with how she's improving, thank the Lord!