We are looking for Canadians to make a change to have a Federal Organ donation Register. Check out  the Because We Can website:
Sign the Petition here:
Save Lives Through Presumed Organ Donation Petition | GoPetition

We also have recieved so many donations to go towards our expenses such as Sara's Medications and cost to travel into the city for check -ups and blood work. We'd like to continue to raise awareness that there is such a great need for organ donation; 4,500 people a year wait for an organ in Canada and only about 60-70% will receive the life saving gift. 

 We often have check ups, here's details of what that intails:
Our transplant clinic appointments include ECG, blood pressure, blood tests, oxygen saturation level and about an hour for a Echo-cardiogram ultrasound. Each month we have clinic appointments, and blood work has been as often as 2 times a week to every 2 weeks. Luckily, Sara is very adaptable and flexible with changes, she doesn't like pokes, or even tape being pulled off her skin, but she'll stand for it. She's been such a good friend to others in the hospital, after clinic we often spend time with patients afterwards. Sara loves the staff, and they love her too, she's always giving lots of hugs. The hospital was our home for a while, so it's nice to visit our "second family" when we can.

Thanks for considering a donation to help us out, we have already received so many gifts already and really appreciate the support. 

Congo's mailing address:
Box 898
Evansburg, AB
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Please sign the back of your health card if you support organ donation in Alberta, or check out your Province's website to see how you can sign up. Going to your blood bank and giving blood will also help give back to others who are in need to kids like Sara.

Here's a post with video links of our family supporting the Canadian National Transplant Research Program and Organ & Tissue donation: