Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fun Times!

Friends came to visit, what a blast it was to see them! Thanks so much for coming. It was a joy to see you all. Hannah, who has appointments at Stollery Children's tomorrow. Please continue to pray for her, she has Primary Pulmonary Hypertension. Love you guys!

Sara's eye appointment went really well last Monday. We saw Dr. Drummond, he says her eyes are looking really good, and wants to see her again on March 7th. Praise God! Thanks for praying! Her next appointment with the Cardiologist in Edmonton on January 31st.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Before & After

Here is Sara before the surgery, and after. The redness in her eyes should go away within 2 weeks. Her next doctor's appointment is on Dec. 6th in Edmonton, a follow up for her surgery with Dr. Drummond.

Sara's eye surgery & Our trip to Alberta!

Our trip began Sunday afternoon, Sara & I left after I finished cleaning & packing up the car, and going to Church. We met up with Ashley & Natalie in Nanaimo, it was so fun! We went to Victoria and had a wonderful evening with my friend Kim -thanks for having us! On Monday Sara & I went for her surgery. It was scheduled for 8:30am, so we had to be there at 7:20am. Sara got through the weighing and getting changed into the hospital clothes fine, only a few meltdowns. Then we waited, and she played. We got into the OR at 10:50 and she went to recovery until 12:15. Sara's surgery went really well, the surgeon, Dr. Pegado, was great. They let us leave knowing we'd have a long trip ahead. We left at 2:45, and met up with Taryn! We were at the ferry terminal at 3:45 and waited for the 5pm ferry to Tsawassen. Joel & Hailey packed up the U-Haul with friends on Quadra, they also caught the 5pm ferry, but from Nanaimo to Vancouver. We made our way in the rain meeting up with Hailey & Joel in Chilliwack. Travelling together was really nice, the roads we bare most of the Coquahalla. We stayed in Barriere, and left early in the morning to continue on. Driving to Valemont was the most slippery & snowy, but it cleared up, and bare roads again through the park, and all the way to Entwistle. The gravel roads were slippery, and I didn't make it up the hill into Brightwood with the car & trailer. Joel & a few guys came to help push! We were at our new place at 3:30pm, and unloaded the 14' U-haul with the help of the Cox family. Thank you so much Greg, Kathie, Sara-Jane, & David.
It was a crazy trip, and I'm really happy to be here, Hailey and Sara are loving the new house! Sara's back to her old self, getting into everything and unpacking for me! Sara's eyes are sensitive to the light, and her balance is a little off, but she's happy as always. Hailey is really enjoying the snow, she goes out to play all the time. Joel's busy getting to know how things run around here, and getting to know the staff. I'm busy unpacking and organizing, fun times!

Thank you all who prayed for us. The timing of this surgery was awful, but we made it work anyway. We're so thankful for amazing friends, family and we're praising the Lord – He is so good! Pictures to come...