Sunday, January 16, 2011

Birthday Girl!

We are delighted to celebrate our little girl's 2nd Birthday!

Sara you are so wonderful, we love you so much! You are such a

blessing in our lives! Happy 2nd Birthday Sara!

Last weekend...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sara doing well

We spent the night, and got a great sleep here at the Stollery. Sara has been feeling well, and eating & drinking well. The Cardiologists are not going to decide to do a surgery just yet, they want a chance to reassess her on Jan. 31st when we see Dr. Rutledge and have another Echo on her heart. We are being discharged this afternoon because she has been keeping her oxygen Sats above 80% on room air most of the night and all of today so far! (If this changes, and she is desatting again we'll stay another night.) But we are looking forward to being home, Sara will be so excited to be walking around again, and playing with Hailey. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers, we're so thankful for all your love and support.

We are also looking forward to seeing Hannah, her & her family are in for more tests on her heart tomorrow. Please keep praying for her, we are very concerned for her. We are very happy to be able to see her today!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Stay at the Stollery

Sara wil be staying tonight as well. She needs to be on oxygen, and monitored. Last night was ok, she was pretty restless. Today she is acting more like herself, hopefully we can keep up with the required fluid intake. If she doesn't get enough fluids, she'll get an NG feeding tube in because her IV came out, and it's hard to find good veins. Sara's been happy and even content to get an echo done on her heart this morning. We'll wait to her later today or maybe tomorrow the results of the echo. More updates to come... love from Sara & Karey

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sara in the hospital overnight...

Sara has a cold & cough is most likely a virus, hopefully we'll find out tomorrow if there's anything we can do for her. So far we know it's not pneumonia, by the results of a chest x-ray she had today. We are spending the night at the Stollery Children's Hospital for observation. Sara's very tired, and has been settling quickly for the most part this evening. It's hard to keep the blow by oxygen on her face, the mask irritates her. Her oxygen, heart rate, and respiratory rate have been ringing the alarms, even after resetting the parameters to allow more leeway. We're are just hoping for a goodnight sleep and we'll see what the Cardiologists thinks tomorrow. Please keep us in your prayers, especially that Sara will drink & eat well and that her HR, O2 Sats & RR will level out where they need to be. We're really thankful to have the Stollery so close, and the familiar faces are so good to see. After over a year without being in the hospital with Sara we feel like 2010 was a blessed year for Sara. Praise the Lord!