Friday, September 21, 2012


On the way to the pool! That's the way we get around now!

Every Monday & Friday we spend time in the pool, here's Sara sitting on Dad!

Sara loves chocolate once in a while, and it was so good!
                            Working up an appetite has been getting a little easier with her walking around so much, but it could be better, and that would help her blood thinners level out.

Playing in the Tipi outside the hospital, we went off the sidewalk to get into it and got a pine cone stuck in the IKUS wheel!

A great visit with friends who know all about a heart transplant!

Busy Builder Sara working hard at the Beach! With all the activity centers there, she pretty entertained, and fairly entertaining!
We love walks, and Sara's now walking for longer then 10 min.

Loving the sunshine!
We found a new playroom, so we'll make use of it when the Beach is closed. New toys are always fun!

Playing ring toss with Hailey!
Sara spotted my earbuds, so we listened to music for a while, fun times!

Sara's night sky
We're getting to know the hospital halls well with all the walks we take.
Sara's sure looking good, especially now that her stitches are out and she can shower.

 Camp friends have the best skits ever!
Hailey trying to explain the new story from our camp friends, the pictures are super awesome!

Love the new clothes from Auntie Dawn, thanks!

All ready for school!

It's nice to have everything organised now, we'll have to get at it now that all our school books are in!