About Sara's Heart Defect

Before Sara was born, we knew she had Ebstein's Anomoly. We are so blessed to be in the care of the surgeons, doctors and nurses here, it is so amazing what they can do! We also knew that she would need a heart transplant one day...and now she has a completely normal heart! 

Ebstein's anomaly
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The major surgeries she's had so far are the PDA ligation at 6 weeks old, the Glenn shunt at 8 months old, and the Fontan at 3.5 years old, the Berlin Heart at 3.5 years old. In her life so far she's had around 11 surgeries if you include Heart Catherizations, Sternal closers, and going on the Levitronix VAD. Here is a picture of the VADs (ventricular assist device) that Sara was on:

 Left - CentriMag Levitronix pump
Right - Berlin Heart pump

More info available about The Berlin Heart
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Sara's heart transplant was in November 2012, here's a link to one of our posts! Heart Transplant, an incredible gift!