Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Canadian National Transplant Research Program

Today our thoughts are on Organ donation, if it wasn't for a family's decision to donate a heart, Sara wouldn't be with us right now. It's because of the thoughtfulness of another family, in the midst of grief and pain, that a heart was given to our child. We are forever grateful.

Improving organ donation is just one of the projects the Canadian National transplant Research Program hope to improve. A grant for this program was announced yesterday, and it's lead by one of the U of A's own researcher Dr. Lori West. It was something our family wanted to be a part of when they invited us to speak to CBC news and CTV news.

CTV News Edmonton "National Transplant Program Led by Local Researcher" VIDEO

CBC News "Organ Transplant program expected to boost success rate" Article

CBC news The National - April 22, 2013 VIDEO
*You can skip ahead to 33:40 to see Sara, after all the commercials the segment with Sara will play.

We know a few families also waiting for transplants and we pray that the wait will not be too long, as we already know, some can't last the wait. Signing your health card, or signing up in your province's site and donating blood is all a step in the right direction. Hopefully soon a new way to match donors with recipients will be available across Canada. Like the poster above, you can check out the Projects and Core Platforms from The Canadian National Transplant Research Program website.

Hope you enjoy reading through the links and watching the videos!

Here is Sara's page from the Children's Miracle Network that the Stollery Children's Hospital put together back in March 2013.