Thursday, May 6, 2010

what's happening...with pictures to come!

May is here and we're getting ready for camp more camps & spring staff to arrive. It's been a beautiful spring, and the girls are loving being outside. Joel has joined the slow pitch ball team here, and the girls and I have been watching most games. A few families come out to watch the game too, so there's usually some kids for Hailey to play with. It's great getting to know some new people on Quadra.
Sara's growing and getting around fast. Climbing is her new thing, trying to get up onto things, so far unsuccessfully! Which makes for a lot of bumps on her head! I'm glad she's trying new things, she's curious and mischievous! She tries to get away with things when we're not looking. It's so hard not to smile while saying "Don't touch". She knows how to wave goodbye, and give slobbery kisses. She's even cuddles when you ask for a hug! She likes playing pass the ball with Hailey. And as long as Hailey can sneak in a couple hugs while playing, without Sara being annoyed, they'll play for a while together! Hailey's still very much in love with her little sister!
Hailey likes drawing and painting all the time. We've been making cards for fun, and she's getting pretty good at writing letters. She's also right in there helping me plant a few tomato plants, and soon we'll be working in the garden. We're just going to do a few vegetables for ourselves this year in the camp's garden.
I enjoy being here at camp! It's nice to be close to where Joel's working. I'm up at the barn with the girls once in a while. We're there a little more now that we got a cute little calf. There's two calves at camp, ours is Oreo, and the other one is Chip. They're both pretty friendly and Hailey & Sara love going to pet them. I'll have to post pictures soon!