Friday, September 14, 2012

Moving up!

We've moved up on the list and our to our own room! 

We are happy to have our own room, we can even decorate it with the girl's artwork! They love painting! We even spent time with a princess at the Beach! We've been walking around the room a little, even checking out what's outside! We went outside in the sunshine too, after swimming in the pool today! Joel & I are now trained on the IKUS (device that controls the settings for the Berlin Heart), and Sara now rides the IKUS whenever we travel down the halls! 

Sara is back to a status 4 the highest status on the transplant list. The reason she was bumped back up from 3.5 is because small manageable clots keep forming and they're worried about the chance of a stroke. They've already changed her pump once and they can again if they need too. Please pray for a new heart for Sara.

Seeing as we're here for all of the day, it's really nice to have people stop by! Thanks to everyone who has visited! We're doing pretty well now, getting into a routine. Sara's really looking forward to the pool tomorrow, and she still loves the beach! It's so amazing to see her getting back to what she used to be doing and playing with Hailey again, God has blessed us with with two wonderful girlies!  

We are continue to pray for others in need; Caleb, Jensen, Drayton, Morgan and our good friend Hannah.