Friday, November 16, 2012


Please pray for Sara. She has a high fever, and they've given her tylenol, and starting her on 2 antibiotics. When Hailey & I left this evening she was slow to eat her supper, and I felt her tempurature was high, at 37.1C/98.7F. So I asked the nurses to keep taking it to see if it was rising. I left at 7pm, at 7:30 it was at 40C/104F! Pray that they find out what she has, and how to treat it best. They're doing all sorts of bloodwork and other tests to figure it out.

This week she's been feeling well, but we were in isolation for a couple days after we heard a cough that turned out to be nothing. After finding out she didn't catch that cold, I'm so sad she's sick! There is a fever going around the ward, so we are hoping we don't end up being responsible for making more patients sick!

Pray that we don't get sick while we care for Sara. Pray that Sara will continue to eat. Her weight gain is constantly being monitored, and it has been a very slow gain as it is. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, for Sara to be well again, and for a good sleep for us all.

Thank you so much.


Anonymous said...

Hugs and prayers... Auntie Kristy

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all. Get better soon Sara. Love you, Auntie Gayle

Mom / Grandma said...

Hugs, Love & Prayers- for wisdom for the doctors & caregivers. We prayer that Sara will soon recovery, from this fever & viruses that are in the ward & hospital. Awe Sara, we hope you soon feel better soon, we miss your smiles, hugs to our special little daughters Sara & Hailey. HUGS to Mom & Dad too